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Sorry that I havent been updating the site, I just dont have any ideas. also here's my Tumblr. So visit it I guess


I made a webring with one of my friends a while ago, and I have just gotten around to adding my website.

Join it if you want, It's for all Duck lovers on the Web


The Yesterweb Webring has shut down :(
I'll slowly be removing all of the widgets.


I added a lot of my interesting covers here


I was looking through my stamps and I saw something that reminded me of a funny story

The transcript in English is here:

And the Slovenian transcript is here:


so LGR made a new video about this ancient 3d software called "Bryce 3D", So i decided to learn it!

I started up my Windows XP Virtual Machine and downloaded Bryce 3D from the internet archive

The interface was VERY skeuomorphized

but i eventually got the hang of it!

So here are a few renders I made:

P.S. you can use them for whatever you want!


I got some new glasses yesterday, what do you think?


I managed to recover some old HTML files my friend made so i fixed them and uploaded the here


I found 2 flexi-discs a while ago and i couldnt find anything about it on the interwebs so i recorded it

These were made by ORTF (L'Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française) for the new year, they were recorded specificaly for Yugoslavia so they are in Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian.

New years 1967

The music at the end is Enfants de tous pays by Enrico Macias

New years 1968

If anyone recognizes the music at the end can you please tell me, I think its a good song. All of the info I have is what they said before the song:
dragi poslušalci srečno in veselo novo leto, dočakajte ga s pariško ario »polno ljubezni do vseh«, ki jo bodo zapeli trije menestreli
the english translation is dear listeners, happy and joyful new year, welcome it with the Parisian aria 'full of love for everyone', which will be sung by three minstrels

UPDATE: I found the song!!!

Les Trois Ménestrels - L'air de Paris